Setting-up a Simple Basement Bar

by admin on April 2, 2013

Most people get intimidated when they hear the words “basement bars”. Most are concerned with their budget, as “basement bar” is often synonymous with “expensive”.

Let me tell you though, that it shouldn’t be. You can actually set-up a simple basement bar which will let you unwind and chill with friends without hurting your pocket.

How to Set-up a Simple Basement Bar

First, let’s start with the bar itself. The bar shouldn’t be grand, especially if you’re working within a tight budget. The cheapest way to save on a bar is to make it yourself. There are a lot of bar plans online that you can buy for a cheap price (some are even free). These plans lists all the materials that you need as well as steps on how to make the bar.

If you’re not handy with carpentry, consider turning a simple kitchen island into a bar. Since they’re roughly the same size, there should be no problem with it. The most important features that you need to have include:

  • Cabinets – Cabinets beneath the bar will give you a storage space for glasses, coasters, etc.
  • Mini-fridge – A mini-fridge or a wide cooler will keep the drinks cold. Very important.

  • Kegerator (optional) – Also called a “keg”. This will be a great feature to have if you plan on serving a lot of beer.


The next important thing to think about are the chairs. Most bars use tall stools, and the number of stools you place should depend on the size of your bar. When deciding on a number, make sure that there’s enough space for everybody to move around even if all the chairs get occupied. Personally, I like placing a couple of comfortable chairs and even couches near the bar. You never know when you’ll have extra people over. This way, you’ll always have extra space.

simple basement bar

There’s no need to spend extravagantly for the chairs. You can always buy from cheap furniture stores like IKEA – people won’t know the difference. If you have a couple of stools lying around, you can use them together at the bar – it will seem like it’s part of the design.

Of course, a bar is not complete without the proper supplies. Stocking up should depend on what you plan to serve/ drink. If you’re more of the beer guy (and your friends too), then there’s no sense stocking up on scotch, right?

So, if you like beer then a keg and a couple of beer mugs should be fine. If you plan on serving mixed drinks, always have a bottle or two of different drinks such as tequila, scotch, brandy, etc. Also stock up on shot glasses, margarita glasses and the likes.

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