Modern Basement Bar Design for 2013

by admin on April 5, 2013

It’s really hard deciding on a theme for a basement bar. With all the choices one has, it’s easy to understand why deciding on a theme is one of the most difficult stages in setting up a basement bar.

Have you ever considered using a contemporary theme? With all the fresh interior design trends in 2013, this one may just fit your taste.

Basement Bar Design Trends for 2013

Textured Furniture

For 2013, interior designers will not only be paying attention to how a furniture looks, but also to how it feels when being touched. Trending materials include suede and wood, so you might want to keep these options in mind when choosing furniture for your basement bar.


In order to inspire energy and vibrant living, many social spaces this year will be turning to design dynamics. Stripes have been “out” for quite a few years now, but it’s making a comeback (just like any design does). We’re not talking about the ordinary, boring old stripes though. Designers today are using stripes in an elegant manner which commonly uses bold red and black-and-white mixed with other colors.

African Influences

More and more living spaces today use African influences for the design, and this is a great idea for a basement bar too. This basement bar design is influenced by colors commonly found in African jungles like green, golden yellow, black and grey. Wooden furniture with carvings as well as wrought-iron furniture are also used with this interior design. Throw in a few animal-printed pillows here and there and you’re good to go.

Hand Sketching and Wall Writing

Graphic artists will start collaborating with interior designers this year, so expect wall imprints to get more popular. Most people have their favorite messages on walls, but you can have it on the ceiling as well. This is not only a great basement bar design but it will also give the space a more personal touch. Have your favorite quote on the wall or you can even have your family’s monogram on it!

Online companies such as offer great designs and you can have it customized too. Prices differ depending on the design and size, but starts at around $20.00

Go for Green

Pantone, an authority company when it comes to colors, has named Emerald Green the color of 2013. Green is very cool to the eyes, so you might want to use it as the dominant color in your bar especially if you like going down there to relax. If green is too scary for you, opt for a more subtle shade and then complement it with decorations to match.

Black and White

Black and white is a timeless combination, and expect to see a lot more of it this year. The black-and-white design was recently trending at High Point Furniture Market (which is the biggest in the world). Personally, I love black walls with white pieces of furniture. This is a great color combination to have while leaving you enough room for fun design experiments.

Modern Furniture for Basement Bars

Modern furniture have become more and more popular over the years. “Modern furniture” refers to pieces of furniture produced from the late 19th century up to the present. They are loved for their simple lines and uncomplicated structure, as well as for their rich colors.

basement bar ideas

This is a simple yet really beautiful example of a modern bar. The bar top is made of glass, the the bar itself is covered with white leather and fastened with Swarovski crystals. The bar is paired with white gumdrop bar stools which is a good way to add a modern flavor.

basement bar ideas

If you don’t expect a lot of guests, this bar is a perfect match for your basement. The design allows easy access to drinks and glasses, which are just underneath. Colors available are white, brown and black. Click here to go to the manufacturer’s site. 

basement bar ideas

I just love this bar. The LED light underneath the panels are perfect for giving your home bar that “party” feel. This bar is a great choice for bachelors who love organizing parties with their friends.

basement bar ideas

This is a good example of a modern basement bar with warm colors. Everything is just perfect with this one,right from the colors, lighting and furniture. If you’d take a look at the right, there’s a couch for the lounge area. Having a lounge area is a great way to entertain guests should you have more people than expected.

basement bar ideas

If you’re fond of the outdoors, this bar is perfect for you. Since the bar is made up of stones, it’s an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside. The lighting placed under the bar highlights the colors of the stones, making it more elegant.



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