Home Bar Ideas; Things to Consider

by admin on March 16, 2013

It would certainly be nice to have your own bar at home. It will not only let you enjoy the comforts of entertaining your friends at your own space, you will also avoid the hassle of traffic on your way to a club especially on a Saturday night. But, before deciding on having your own home bar, you should really look into numerous factors that should be taken into consideration.


Taking the available space as a factor is vital. This is basically the number one deciding component whether or not you can build your own home mini bar. You have to decide whether the bar is entirely separate from the kitchen. It can be in your basement or on your TV room, anywhere in the house where you can create a certain amount of space specifically for the purpose of your bar. Also, taking into plan is the space around it. Would there be enough space for you to entertain guests or would there be a good area for some people to dance around.



Some home bars are created to depict a certain theme to a point that it looks tacky. Themed bars are not to be messed with easily. For a stylish modern home, you want to create a bar space where there should be a balance of elegance, simplicity and style. Although, themed-home bars are not exactly the worst thing in the world, it would be better to consult a designer rather than just putting one and two together by yourself. The bar can not just simply stand alone, it has to jive with how your entire house feels and looks.  This will not only save you from the embarrassment of your bar looking like a novelty shop, it’ll also save you from your friends’ jokes.



So, you have the design pegged customized to the allotted space, now the next thing to do is fit it with the budget. Good if there’s no limit as to the creation of your home bar but it would be wise to set a budget. As a matter of fact, a well-planned out budget can give you more flexibility. It will tailor fit your design to the amount of amount of money specifically allotted to the construction of your mini-bar thus will not leave you shocked at how much you spent in the end.


Liquor, spirits and mixers

Now the bar can only embody its purpose as to the kind of drinks it can serve. Making sure that you know what kinds of liquor to serve to your guest is important especially with its shelf life. Surely enough you won’t be having a drinking bender every day unless of course you’re a celebrity. Being able to understand inventory of drinks and how often you re-stock should be something you need to learn when you plan on having your own home bar. You have to be sure that there is enough variety of drinks and good enough quality that will keep the party rolling and the guests happy.





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