Five Excellent Basement Bar Designs

by admin on November 20, 2012

Design is simply about how the mind perceives things. For instance, optimism and a little creativity, can help you transform your basement to become the favorite living space in your house. You may want to try out a basement bar which can be a cool and exciting space to get together with your friends, relax or even enjoy your hobbies. If you like bars and you would like to convert your basement into an incredible recreational and entertainment space, pore over the following write-up and be cognizant with the five common basement bar designs.

Basement Bar Designs

*The Straight Bar
This is a simple design, probably the simplest. It’s the good old no frills, no frets kind of design that looks more like a reception desk in hotel lobbies, only that in this case the features and functionality of the desk are different.

Just like any typical bar, a straight bar has enough space to accommodate a sink, a gutter space where you can comfortably mix the drinks, a foot rest on the other side of the bar (the stool side), an arm rail and space for the refrigerator or cooler. The bar is often 6 feet wide and 10 feet long.

*The L-shaped Bar
The set up of this basement bar design has features and materials just like a standard bar but it takes the shape of the letter L. The seats are also closer to each other than in the straight bar, making it better for your friends or family to enjoy a conversation while sipping on their favorite cocktails. The measurements of the L-shaped bar differ depending on how big or small the basement is, but the lengths are usually symmetrical.Basement Bar Designs

*The Keggar Bar
This is the most commonly used configuration. An aerial view shows a square design, though one third of the square is missing. However, the idea behind this design is combining two L-shaped bars to form a big U. The kegger bar has enough space to perfectly accommodate a beer keg and a refrigerator, hence its name.

*The Monster Bar
Just as the name implies, a monster bar is a huge basement bar, with plenty of seats and a large drinking area. It’s also equipped with a beer and keg gutter but all the other bar features and materials are akin to a standard straight bar. Simply put, a monster bar is a combination of an L-shaped bar design and a keggar bar. However, this design allows you to adopt any shape that can fit the size of your basement.

*The Portable Bar
Basement bars are usually huge and heavy and therefore almost impossible to move them from one room to another. The height of the basement (low head) is also another factor that can hinder your ambition to move the bar. However, a portable bar can be disassembled, moved and then re-assembled. It’s by far the greatest innovation in this industry.

Basement bar designs are not restricted to the afore-mentioned designs. There are other numerous designs such as the classy design or the tiki tiks and clicks design. Furthermore, if you have great imagination, you can come up with your own design, get the common features and give your basement a warm and cordial atmosphere. Thank you.

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