Basement Bar Designs: Themes

by admin on March 16, 2013

Themed basement bar designs can be tricky. Personally, I would not deal with themed basement bars unless I would be hiring someone to do it for me. With themed- designs, a little detail can make or break how your home basement bar will look. It will either complement the entire feel and look of your home or it can stand out like a sore thumb. The best thing about basement bars is it can be a private area where people can relax, hang-out or even party. Although oftentimes basement bars depending on their designs, are made for a specific purpose.

There are different theme designs for basement bars that can go to the extremes like cave -themes or Walt-Disney inspired designs. But, there are particular designs/themes that are commonly used for their functionality.

For the Sports Fan


This is one of the most common basement bar designs. The men need their own hang out space where they can enjoy a good football or basketball game while having their refreshment. It’s obviously no place for any woman whose not into sports. Oftentimes, sports-themed basement bars have comfortable lounge chairs and big television sets where the men can watch their game. The walls are usually designed with sports memorabilia and uniforms totally representing high levels of testosterone.



For the Movie Buff


This could be a mix of a basement bar and your personal home cinema. For movie buffs, this theme would be perfect. Being able to watch movies on their home theater system while close enough to the bar and have some drinks. This themed basement bar is all about the movie screen and furniture comfortable enough for any movie fan to relax into. Sometimes walls will have movie posters and movie memorabilia. This basement bar would probably also have its own popcorn maker!



For the Minimalist



Now some people enjoy sleek and simple designs that you might even wonder if it should even be considered a theme. But, with minimalist themed basement bar designs, there is a clear emphasis on clean straight lines. Commonly the lighting fixtures as well as the wall colors have to match that there is uniformity in how it looks. Chairs used are not similar to lounge chairs you can find in a home theater. It is mainly for design rather than comfort.






For the Player



I’m not talking about Casanova, I’m talking about the genuine game lover, the gambler and risk taker. This basement bar theme design creates an environment comfortable for the long hours of poker and card games. The design relies highly on wood and solid colors that create a warm ambiance.





For the Family Man

This themed basement bar design can often be confused as the house’ family room. This basement bar has a good enough balance to entertain the adults and the children. Usual family gatherings are done in a basement bar designed for the family man where he can entertain the men for some brandy while the women and the children can also have their own space.  Most of the time, these basement bars require a bigger space that can accommodate a large group of people and big furniture.




Note: Photo credits go to those who own them. These are from Google Image Search

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