Basement Bar – Choosing the Right Design for the Perfect Effect

by admin on April 23, 2013

Setting up a basement bar is an expensive project. You’re lucky if your basement has already been prepared for it, otherwise, you’d need to start from scratch.

So, why would anybody spend money on a basement bar?

Well, there are many advantages to it. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to unwind without having to travel far. I’d always choose coming down to my basement for a bottle of beer over driving to the nearest bar.

Having a basement bar will also allow you to save in the long run. If you have to drive to a bar two times a week, staying at home will save you a gallon or two of fuel. It will also save you money because you’re buying your own drink from the store. Because bars have to spend money to run the business (employee’s pay, electricity, etc), their drinks are more expensive.

Another advantage in having a basement bar is that it provides privacy. When I was young, I’d always look for a place packed with people. Now that I’m a family man with a job, I like unwinding in quiet places better. I now prefer bars that reflect my personality.

With this being said, how exactly should you choose your bar’s design so that it gives the effect you want it to have on people?

Big and Spacey

big basement bar

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This type of bar is perfect for people who wants comfort, luxury and style. The bar on this picture is actually not that big, but there’s a lot of space around to enable ease of movement. With this design, your guests are free to sit on the table or watch a movie or a game on the couch. The overall color is very elegant, and there’s a fridge on the side for stocking cold drinks. This bar can serve as a party place for you and your friends or as a family room for gatherings.


Relaxing basement bar

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The color the owner chose for the walls and the bar makes this place cool to the eyes. A lot of people think they have to spend thousand of dollars for their basement bar, but this design shows that simplicity is an option. If you want your basement bar to be a place where you can relax, this is a good design to consider.


Retro Feel


retro basement bar

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A basement bar with a retro design is a great way to travel back in time. Red and black are popular colors for this design. Important elements in completing a 50’s-inspired design include a jukebox, vintage wall signs and a checkered black-and-white floor. Play an Elvis record at the back and you’re all set to go back in time. To read more about this design, you can read our article here.


Underground Design

underground basement bar

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Some people like the feeling of being underground. Personally, being underground makes me feel like I’m in an entirely different place. There’s also this dangerous element to it that produces adrenaline, and this is something that some people crave for.

This design is really not that difficult to achieve. Important elements include a brick wall (you might need to spend a bit of money on this) and dim lights. I’m not too crazy with the lights used on the room in the picture, and I would recommend a couple of dimmers strategically placed around the basement instead.



pub-inspired basement bar

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If you miss the feeling of being in a pub without the annoying people, you can make your home basement bar look like a pub bar. This is a great idea because not only will you have privacy, you can decide on your own music too.

Pub bars usually have lots of drink displayed since they have to mix drinks often. Stocking on a lot of drinks can be expensive, and unnecessary if you only like a couple of them. You can actually buy empty bottles and put it on the bar as decoration, just to make it look like there’s a lot of choices and then just stock up on what you actually drink.



modern minimalist basement bar

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I’m such a big fan of modern-minimalist design. I love how the simplicity of the design seems to make a place look elegant, without the need for frills. The lamps and the vases at the top of the cupboard gives this place a homey, traditional feel. You can also stick to strict minimalist by getting rid of these decorations.



sports-themed basement bar

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Men loves sports, so it’s not surprising for too many basement bars with a sports theme. If you’re going for this design, I suggest adding a large-screen television for watching games. I mean, what good is a sports-themed bar if you can’t watch games, right? Make sure to have lots of comfortable seats for your friends.


Poker Night

poker basement bar

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I’m a poker fan, and this is something I’d love to have. The poker table replaces the popular billiard pool, and it spells m-a-n-l-y, all the same. The bar is just nearby, so handing out drinks to the players shouldn’t be a problem. The only comment I have with this is that it could have used better lighting at the poker table.



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