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by admin on April 1, 2013

As a gamer myself, I know that a lot of gamers out there prefer having a private space they can call their “gaming sanctuary”. I used to have my game consoles in the living room, but people come and go all the time and it’s really not the best place to unwind after a day’s work (Yes, I have a full time job and likes to play video games to unwind).

So, I decided to convert the basement into a game room/ bar and it’s been great so far. There’s a corner where me and my friends can play video games and another corner where we can just talk and drink a few bottles of beer.

The Bar Corner

Since we’re planning to split the basement bar into two parts, let’s talk about the bar corner first. There are a couple of things that you’d have to think about. These include:

  •  Bar Design – This will depend on your preference. Most games today uses black as their primary color, but you can be creative and design the bar according to your favorite game. Assassin’s Creed, for instance, primarily uses black, red and silver so you could probably have a black bar with red and silver details.
  • Control the Color Scheme – Be careful in choosing the colors for the bar design. If you’re going to model the bar after your favorite game and it happens to be Mario, for instance, you wouldn’t want too much red and green, would you? What you’d like to do is choose one dominant color and use a color or two for the details.

  • The Chairs – The chairs are important in completing the feel of your bar. There are different types of chairs to choose from, but for the bar area, I suggest using tall stools. Reserve the comfortable couches for the gaming area.

  • Drinks – What kind of drinks do you prefer? Most people are okay with a bottle or two of beer, but some people also like scotch or maybe the occasional tequila. Make sure to stock up more on your preferred drinks and maybe a bottle for all other drinks in case someone wants it.

The Gaming Corner

The gaming corner should be designed in a way that it compliments your bar area. Important things to consider for the gaming corner include:

    • The Game Consoles – Of course, no gaming area will be complete without the game consoles. Different people have different preferences, but if you’re the type of player who likes switching from one console to another, then make sure to arrange them in a manner that’s convenient for you should you wish to use a different console.

  • Organizing the Consoles – This console cabinet has a really great aesthetic value and it organizes the consoles too. If you’re only using two or three gaming consoles, you can use the rest of it for your CDs or you can also have one customized so there’s only three display boxes and the rest are drawers for the CDs.
  • The Chairs – Just like with your bar area, you should also choose chairs that will compliment the design of your gaming area. Aside from the design though, you also need to choose something that’s comfortable too. Choose something that you can relax on while playing your favorite game such as big comfortable couches. For the more serious gamers, you can set-up a “proper” gaming chair like the X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair by Ace Bayou. It’s compatible with X-Box, Playstation and other gaming consoles. It also has a built-in speaker and ergonomic design for comfortable playing.

  • How Many People Will be Playing? If you usually play games on your own, there should be no problem having one gaming chair on the gaming area. However, there will be times when you’ll have people over so to be safe, I suggest having a comfortable couch at the same time and a couple of fluffy pillows on the floor.

  • The TV – Your television will have a lot of say on how great (or bad) your gaming experience will be. Compare playing the same game on a 42-inch versus a 25-inch TV. Which do you think will provide a better gaming experience? So, if you’re going to set up a game room/ bar on your basement, you might as well invest on a great television. The Philips 42PF9630A 42-inch HD has a high-definition 16:9 display and ambient lighting through Philip’s Ambilight Technology. It costs a lot, but PC Mag says it’s one of the best TVs for gaming.

  • The Sound System – Some people are okay with just the speakers off the TV, but some gamers are willing to spend big bucks on the real deal. So, what kind of sound system is best for your set-up?

If your gaming room/ bar is more on the “small” category, you might want to look at the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5 Channel Speakers. Retailing at around $100 – $150, these speakers produce one of the clearest sounds for this price range.

For medium-sized rooms, you can go for receivers made by Denon, Yamaha or Pioneer. You can also go for speakers by Klipsch, Infinity and JBL – they manufacture the best speakers and are fairly-priced too.

When it comes to choosing sound systems, I suggest staying away from those home-theaters-in-a-box. While they’re fairly easy to set up, they don’t allow for upgrades which you might need in the future. If you’re not familiar with sound systems, I suggest hiring someone to install it for your you. It’s convenient and you won’t have to worry about crappy sounds.

The Overall Decor

So, let’s say you already have everything you need for both gaming and bar corners of your bar basement, how are you going to tie them together? There are actually different bar designs to choose from but I suggest using something that says “gamer” and “bar” at the same time.

What do I mean? Take a look at this  for instance. This Pacman wall decor will look so cool on your wall!

You can also frame a couple of video game posters and hang it on the walls. It’s a great way to bring the theme together and make the bar look really nice and classy. offers different video game posters for around $2-$4 each. You can then buy affordable frames from your local hardware.

You can even integrate some gaming memorabilia into your bar. For instance, you can put this Atari Video Game Desktop Paper Weight next to your bottle of drinks for that “gamer” feeling or maybe display your first ever Super NES on a display cabinet!

Important Tips to Remember!

People set up basement bars for different reasons, and it’s important that you know what your purpose is. If you’re setting up a basement bar so you and your friends will have a private place to hang out, then you need to think about what they might need while they’re over at your house – cold beer, music, comfortable chairs, entertainment, etc.

If you’re setting up a basement bar because you want a place where you can unwind after a long day at work, then you can just set it up according to your preference. No matter what bar design you prefer, however, always make sure that the place is comfortable. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair/ couch and you have the things that relaxes you at an arm’s length.

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